The Owner

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Joe entered into the tanning business from a background in heath and wellness.

His commitment to a healthy lifestyle brought him from a successful broker living in Laguna Beach CA to owning a health and wellness business in Bucks County PA. Always in love with a good tan,  Joe realized the industry had changed, offering new and safer technology. It was time to open a Tanning Salon and incorporate organic/paraban free lotions wit NO self tanners along with amazing bath & body products.

But not just a tanning salon. A place to experience summer in the winter, local artists creations, and organic health and wellness products.  

Welcome to Heatinizm.

The Salon

Heatinizm Tanning Salon, located in Ewing NJ offers its clients the industry's elite High Pressure UVA & UVB Tanning Beds. Equipped with air conditioning and conforming to your body to insure an even spotless tan.  Your choice of lay down or stand up beds too!

Paraben-free / Hypoallergenic tanning lotions, Tingles, Bronzers, Maximizers, Intensifiers, Tan Extenders and pretty much anything else you would require for tanning along side amazing products like Teeth Whiting Kits, Shampoo / Conditioner, Essential Oils, Bath Balms, Lotions, Soaps, Skin Care and MUCH MUCH more!

The Community

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Joe wanted to create a warm and welcoming environment at the salon. He enlisted his friend Erika Rachel, a full time professional artist to line the walls with her colorful art. Erika has shown her contemporary abstract paintings in solo exhibitions throughout New Jersey, Soho NYC and Philadelphia. To see her work come to the salon or visit